A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.
— Bruno Munari
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I established my design studio in the mid 90's in Philadelphia. Initially my practice was strictly dedicated to custom textile design, but, like life it has developed wings over the years.  Now, I live in Durham, North Carolina and run my business out of my home  studio. The work I do includes Identity & Brand design, web design, graphics and surface pattern design for individuals and small businesses. With a background in textile design and technology I am equally as comfortable illustrating botanicals as I am with Photoshop.  With years of experience in the design industry, my classic aesthetic reflects the belief that the process of good design is like telling a story:  thoughtful, distinct, and graceful. 



Every project is different, but, each one starts with a solid understanding of the context of your project, and finishes with high attention to detail. Together, we learn about your organization and the project’s context, define goals, devise a strategy, and outline the scope of work. I begin each project with a pencil & sketchbook, and based on my research I create and refine designs that best reflect your company. I'm always up for a challenge and would love to discuss your project.