Frequently Asked Questions

What value does a logo add to a business?
A good logo acts as a visual reminder for your customer about the experience they had associating with you in the past.
A unique icon or type treatment can help a customer easily identify your business as the one they had a good experience with.

What makes a logo successful? 

Simplicity, Consistency, and the use of only two or three colors....(and still look good in black and white only).
...and your primary and secondary logos are used consistently the same way everywhere you see them.

Can I use my logo(s) for large banners, signage, printing cards and web?

There are two types of logo file formats: VECTOR based and PIXEL based.
Vector images can be reduced in size and ENLARGED, without pixelating. Pixel-based images can only be used size as or REDUCED.

All my logos are created in vector format (Adobe Illustrator). Vector based files usually require professional design software to open,
so while VERY important, you won’t be doing too much with them day-to-day.
They are unlimited resolution (can be used really big, and really small) and are primarily print and source files.

What files I'm getting and what for? 

All design work with be delivered to you in high resolution via Dropbox, email or thumbdrive. 
After I deliver your files... please, please, please back-up all of your files to your computer and online cloud services (like Google Drive, Dropbox).

-AI (vector based) - perfect for printing, signage, embroidery, foil and any other printing techniques
On transparent background, layered, scalable, color changeable

-PSD (pixel-based) - perfect for Photoshop users.
On transparent background, layered, color changeable.

-PNG (pixel-based) - perfect for web.
On transparent background, single layer file, color changeable (only to solid 1 color)

JPEG (pixel-based) - perfect for web.
On white background. Format does not support transparency.

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