Chihuahuan Desert Series1 / by Gretchen Morrissey


The Chihuahuan Desert Series is a studied collection of mixed media installations referencing the border desert ecoregion that expands through southwest Texas, Arizona and the Mexican Plateau. 

Monochromatic fine lines, embossed ridges and striations are enhanced by naturals dyes (cutch, osage orange, oak gall and iron oxide to represent the high plateaus, washes, and mesas of the Chihuahuan Desert. Each panel of stratified monochromatic lines is divided by a hand-braided linen rope forming a distinct line of demarcation. 

The design process is slow and meditative…

-Hand-pulled printed and piece dyed paper-

-finely painted lines of small-batch gypsum pigment-

-hand-braided linen rope-

A slow walk through the desert sand, scree, boulders and cactus.